Meet The Sexy & Savage Chicago Rapper Tookey!

Tookey is here to prove why the ladies are running the game right now! The up and coming rapper from Chicago, Illinois is confident that she has what it takes to make it to the top. Tookey is a versatile hip-hop artist that loves being sexy while showing that she is a true savage! After putting off her music career for some time, the rapper admits that music has always been her passion.

Growing up Tookey was always surrounded by music. In 2017, the rapper finally got in the studio to write and record her first track. However, recently she has been getting a lot more attention from doing raw freestyles, similar to what got Meg Thee Stallion noticed.

Prior to starting her music career, Tookey went to beauty college where she learned how to do hair and make-up. Now all the rapper has bigger dreams which include being the biggest female role model in hip-hop EVER!

“I want to impact the world!” She revealed, “Young women who don’t believe in themselves. I want them to feel like bosses and bad bitches on the DAILY!”

OKAYY SIS! There is one thing Tookey is not afraid of and that is being her authentic self. In fact, the independent artist doesn’t care what the trolls say about her. The rapper continues to push even on her worst days.

Last year, Tookey released her EP titled “So

mething Wicked” which featured her track “YO MISS”. The record had all the ladies feelin themselves! This year Tookey released 3 more singles including Glow, Shorty Wanna, and See If You Can Last. Tookey isn’t stopping anytime soon, the rapper teases new music with visuals are on the way.

Instagram: toookeyy

Facebook: Tookey Slays

Youtube Channel: Toookeyy

TikTok: Toookeyy

Snapchat: Tookeyz

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