Drea Dominique Set To Release Highly Anticipated Single ''Catch My Wave'' ft AD Toni

Drea Dominique is all about being a voice for the ladies! The former Bad Girls Club star from San Diego, California is about to drop her next project “Drea’s Toy Box”! Yes, aside from modeling, reality tv, and her own make-up line Drea Dominique is about to show the world what she’s really about!

From a young age Drea Dominique was always fascinated with music. In fact, growing up she enjoyed writing poetry so much that songwriting came to her very naturally!

“I’ve, always loved music ever since I was a little girl.” She revealed, “I used to tape songs off of the radio and make my own playlists…I used to record singing hooks with rap artist Bassem G. But it’s been the last year or so, that I seriously started to pursue music as a solo artist.”

Drea Dominique has a laid-back vibe that is also sexy and romantic! Truth is, the R&B/Pop artist loves to have a good time while having that bossy attitude. YAS! something us ladies can all relate to! In fact, she hopes to inspire people specifically women who have gone through hell and back.

She explained, “I want other women to know that they are not alone and that they can progress- that they can go thru negative situations but know they can still be great”

The solo artist known for her days in reality tv and modeling also has her own record label! “Blessed Beyond Entertainment” is a record label that she formed alongside with her mother. Drea Dominique is giving us all the boss babe vibes!

In the future, she hopes to sell out arenas and record more music for her fans! Good thing is she already has new music on the way! Her EP titled, “Drea’s Toy Box” is soon to be released which will feature 5-6 songs that the ladies and MEN can all vibe to! Drea is also set to release her single "Catch My Wave" ft. AD tonight at 9pmPT!

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