Pryde Luciano Dropping New Music! "Mood" Out Next Friday!

Pryde Luciano is ready to be the voice of his city! The Ruston Louisiana artist is not new to the entertainment industry. In fact, most people might know him as “FlyGodPryde” from YouTube. When it came down to creating an artist name he stuck with Pryde and added Luciano because it added a “Mob Style” ring to it! The Youtuber turned hip-hop artist is ready to leave his mark in the music industry!

At 9 years old, Pryde Luciano recalls his first-time rapping. It wasn’t until he was a freshman in high school where he began taking music seriously. Coming from an area where he could have easily turned to the streets, Pryde Luciano gained inspiration though music to make it out on top!

“Honestly other than going to the NBA I never saw myself doing anything other than music.” He revealed, “It’s something I really enjoy. Its more on the therapeutic side to me. It gives me a way to speak out and let my pain be felt a different way. It helps me go through day to day life.”

However, when Pryde Luciano got caught up with the system his career came to a halt. He recalled the moment and said, “I had an offer from CashMoneyRecords and I’m not sure what happened with my deal but I didn’t take the offer and I was facing jail time prior to the meeting and I understand nobody wants to take a risk in signing someone who is a "trouble maker" and could possibly be a wasted investment.”

No matter what got in his way Pryde Luciano still continues to show why his hustle will take him to the top! Gaining motivation from his family and most importantly his late father, Pryde Luciano hopes to set the tone for future artists on the rise.

For life after music, Pryde Luciano plans to launch his own record label to scout young talent and give artists who deserve an opportunity to shine in the light of the industry.

2021 will be a big year for the Louisiana Artist who plans to release his debut album! However, you won’t have to wait that long for new music! His latest single “Mood” will be available next Friday (September 25th) on all streaming platforms!!

Instagram: @prydeofficial

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