Rising Artist King-Pen Releases Album "Koronation" + New "Turnt Up" Visual

Upcoming Philadelphia artist King-Pen recently released his album "Koronation" back on September 8, and is planning to push his new project for the last quarter of the year. The album is 8-track collective and has no features. The lack of collaboration on this project is actually a good thing, giving King-Pen's new audience a chance to know him and him only.

Koronation was a simple vision at first, and executed into an entire project. Along with the release of the album, King-Pen released a new visual for a single on the album called "Turnt-Up" which was moreover a showcase, intimate party-like vibe.

The visual release of "Turnt-Up" is just a teaser for more to come from King-Pen. While awaiting new work and progress, tune into the "Turnt-Up" visual below:

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