2022 Music Draft Pick 1st Round: R&B Artist 7AM

For 2022 we've came up with a new concept to shed light on underground talent, the segment entitled "Music Draft Pick" was inspired by the sports industry's annual NFL and NBA drafts. Like sports, music labels are constantly drafting artist, to see which will stick for the next decade, but unfortunately there was no (music draft pick) for fans to predict which artist they think will perform well this year. Now I've decided to use that theme every month and bring our audience my predictions on who you should be watching out for. That brings us to the first speculation on many people's list "is quality R&B still alive"?

Quality R&B keeps people debating these days on wether it's a dying genre and although it seems like it, you shouldn't be so eager to count out the category. We're here to assist you in finding the right R&B that connects with you and trust me we know it can be hard, but there are still great music prospects for our new generation R&B.

Artist 7AM is the latest singer/songwriter that we've come across worthy of recognition and we're pretty sure you won't be disappointed in our new music draft pick. The Atlanta native's sound is a mix between a unique R&B/Soul and alternative trap vibe. When I first came across the crooner's instagram page, I was greeted with visuals that intrigued my curiosity on the sound of the music. Once I clicked his recent snippet "War" I knew it was only the beginning of a new great music discovery. So far 7AM has dropped two projects on major streaming services and seems to be gearing up for a possible EP. While decoding his instagram I noticed 3 new visuals had been updated on his profile, but the songs weren't out on streaming platforms or Youtube. It's safe to say this artist will be dropping consistently this year and I'm telling you don't miss the wave. Check out his latest snippet from instagram and keep your eyes on 7AM as one of this years strong prospects for a breakout music year.

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