Abhi Releases New Single "Go" Prod. by S. Finesse

From Ohio, to Michigan, to Illinois, the midwest is definitely home to many different notable acts. Also known for its musically rich history, it comes to no surprise that talents breeds from those grounds. Illinois native Abhi is back to business with his newest single release called "Go" produced by rising DMV producer, S. Finesse. Abhi has a lengthy discography of music dating years back, but for 2022 he is coming in full force in the first quarter of the year, ready for the new journey and calculated approach.

"Go" is just the start of a forthcoming wave of events, and Abhi is ready for it all. Getting ready to share new content including an album, new visuals, singles, and more -- "Go" prod. by S. Finesse kicks it all off. Music has always been apart of Abhi’s development, and “Go” is just one of many examples of the different vibes Abhi can musically achieve. Stream the new single below:

Abhi & S. Finesse - “Go”

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