Hold Up, Ajay Luciano Is Coming! Get To Know Why The Hip-Hop Artist Can't Wait To Go Back Outside.

Up and coming artist Ajay Luciano is proving why he has what it takes to be successful in the music industry. The Memphis artist has that West Coast vibe with a touch of that down south flavor that people cannot get enough of. Earlier this year Ajay Luciano dropped his debut EP “Hold Up, I’m Coming” which has 8 tracks and a feature from Tp So Icy. The EP already hit over 25k streams since its release. Ajay Luciano is just getting started, get to know more about his music journey down below.

Growing up Ajay Luciano used to rap for his family and friends for fun, until they insisted that he take rapping more seriously. The up and coming artist has always enjoyed making music, but his passion grew stronger as he began to learn the ropes from his cousin who was also a hip-hop artist. It wasn’t until last year when he finally decided to take the next steps to jump start his career.

The independent artist recorded his first track almost a year and a half ago and although his genre is generally hip-hop/r&b, Ajay Luciano revealed he is still working on getting his sound together.

He explained, “I would say my sound is very diverse, I got an open ear for a lot of music but I grew up younger listening to a lot of R&B & Soul music other than Lil Wayne & 50 Cent.”

A major turning point in Ajay Luciano’s career was back in 2017 when he was on his death bed after being shot. After suffering a collapsed lung, the independent artist was gaining the strength and was on his way to recovery. However, it was a very difficult time for the rapper physically and mentally.

During that time Ajay Luciano also discovered that he had a daughter. Looking back he always questions what would have happened if he had passed. The independent artist is thankful that he survived and was able to finally meet his daughter.

Thinking of that situation makes me think, I can’t go back to that point because I use to think like I should of died cause I couldn’t take the pain of recovering.” He explained, “But then if I would’ve died I would’ve never knew I had a daughter so she just a major motivation for me to let me know that I got things I got to do out here & take care of and I’m going to handle them”

The up and coming artist is hungry but humble! He revealed that he’s willing to learn and is always looking for new ways to improve as an artist. Ajay Luciano hopes to inspire others, He would like to let everyone know that you can achieve your dreams if you work hard and put in the time.

What’s next for Ajay Luciano? Aside from dropping his debut EP, the independent artist also released his latest single “Back Outside”. The single is available on all streaming sites or check it out down below!

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