Alabama Music Awards Announced to Be Televised In July

Written by: Julz Mancini

The pandemic caused the entertainment industry to come to a halt during the past year. As the world opens up again, however, the Alabama Music Awards prepares to hold their annual event on July 25, 2021! Jermaine Garret, AKA Zeus, is the CEO of Zeus Entertainment in which is responsible for the organization and presentation of the award show. He has certainly made a name for himself within his community as he has not only launched the Alabama Music Awards, but is also a voice for those in need via his nonprofit organization titled, "IIIZ".

The AMAs became one of the most sought after galas in Alabama. During 2020, the pandemic caused the award show to come to a halt. For those in the entertainment industry, Covid-19 reaped havoc on many careers, causing them to develop innovative ways to reach their fans and listeners. This year, on July 25, 2021 the Alabama Music Awards will be back in full effect. The infamous show will be locally televised on WOTM (Big) Spectrum Charter Cable Statewide and streamed globally via Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the AMA website.

It is apparent that Zeus is an icon in his community as he works adamantly to conduct much needed change. He is passionate about highlighting talent and business savvy professionals within many industries. Be sure to check out the website and contact Zeus Entertainment and IIIZ if interested in becoming an addition to his movement.



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