Upcoming Philadelphia, PA artist ANT42NDST recently released his new single “Against Us” ft. fellow native Saiglizzy. Coming in strong for the second quarter of the year, ANT42NDST is preparing for consistency this year, as he steadily builds up his catalog of content. Ever since his homecoming in January 2021, ANT42NDST has rebooted his career in music, working, collaborating and bumping elbows. “Against Us” ft. Saiglizzy is just the start of what is to come in 2022.

One of his most recent releases since his previous mixtape, “Against Us” ft. Saiglizzy is a perfect start to Philly's summer vibes, and a good pick for this summer's playlists. Working toward bigger projects, performances and collabs too, ANT42NDST has his foot on the gas for sure. If you're new to ANT42NDST, make sure to stream “Against Us” ft. Saiglizzy below:

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