AntonForever, Rising Super producer from the dmv releases 'Before We eat'

DMV based rising super producer AntonForever unveils a culmination of works with various artists that he has worked with throughout the past few years that include standouts such as JG Riff, Lil LO, Travy Nostra, and more. Six hard hitting cuts that evoke pure thrills that showcase not only the talents of AntonForever electric productionary values but the diversity of talent of the DMV area as a whole.

Wanting to be a pillar for his community on a worldwide scope, AntonForever continues to push the boundary as a revolutionary producer within the DMV that helps local talent shine on the biggest stages such as notable standout Q Da Fool.

2022 is the year AntonForever plans to release more music so keep him on your radar. To listen to ‘Before We Eat,’ download it on your favorite DSP and stream away. This producer got juice and will be a star soon.

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