Get To Know Artist Jking "The Dark Knight Of R&B"

The man behind many great artist and brand marketing has taken the leap into becoming an artist himself and it has been nothing short of goal accomplishing. Jking went from the marketing guru to an artist everyone is growing to love. We got a chance to catch up with Jking during his busy schedule to talk about his new album "90's F*ck It Vibes" and for some Q and A's.

You’ve successfully transitioned from being the machine behind artist and their marketing, to being an actual artist yourself

Q: Tell us what has been the hardest part about your transition into artistry?

A: Understanding how to manage the dual roles I play for myself, Manager and Artist. Sometimes it's difficult knowing so much about what needs to be done but also understanding I'm the person people hire to get that stuff done.

Q: What was your final decision in making the choice to finally pick up the mic?

A: I realized I needed to utilize some of my other gifts in order to continue the journey of impacting others in a way that would continue to push our communities and our culture forward. And I just so happened to get to do that through R&B music.

Q: What has music been able to do for you since you’ve begun your journey as an artist?

A: I’ve learned that making music is the single most effective way of expressing myself. Before I became an artist it was much more complicated to reflect on past experiences and growth of them. But making music makes that process much easier and it's relieving.

Q: You’ve just dropped your first project, how did you come up with the concept for your album and the inspiration behind it?

A: 90s music made me who I am. So it was only right that I start off my musical journey by paying homage to the decade that inspired me and so many generations to come. Without Brandy, Brian McKnight, Whitney, Usher - I don't know where I would be - lol.

Q: What was something you learned about yourself while creating your first album?

A:  My journalism background has allowed me to emote through my music and give story lines to experiences i've had with past relationships, friendships, and where I come from.

Q: What song meant the most to you from your project and why?

A: ‘It's only the Intro’ is really special to me because it's the most honest song lyrically on the album. I'm really expressing how I Became an artist and the intimate emotions I still have as it pertains to creating. It doesn't get more real than that.

Q: You have a feature from Elijah Blake on your project. Can you tell us how that came about?

A: Elijah is family. We’re Florida boys. So when I called Blake for the feature he sent over 2. And honestly I'm forever grateful because he didn't have to do it. MY boy is a Grammy award winner so it's impeccable love there.

Q: What was your goal with your first album? What did you want to gain from this experience?

A: The goal with ‘90s Fxk It Vibes was to express myself artistically for the first time with no industry distractions. I wanted to express myself without coloring in the lines.

A2: Good question. For me, it's less about gaining anything; whereas, it's more about being impactful by expressing music that I've loved my entire life.

Q: You’ve set such big goals for yourself and you’ve been able to obtain and overcome so much as an artist and behind the scenes, has there ever been a time you’ve set a goal and went after something but you didn’t get it or it didn’t go as planned?

A: Yes

Q: How do you deal with that type of situation when you become discouraged?

A: Being in the entertainment industry comes with discouragement on all fronts, it's ingrained in it. It is our job as artists to embrace the No’s and to embrace the yes’s and use the no’s as motivation to go harder.

Q: How has living in Atlanta the Mecca of music shaped your career?

A: Black Hollywood has provided an organic network of people who really fuck with me. And because of that, with hard work and consistency, the city provides success.

Q: What do you love most about Atlanta when it comes to inspiration?

A: This city Provides community that allows artists to create authentically, which impacts the entire music culture.

Q: Who is an artist that you think deserves a Grammy but hasn’t gotten it yet?

A:  Nicki Minaj

Q: A few artists you’d like to work with?

A: Brandy,  Eric Bellinger, Jasmine Sullivan, Giveon.

Q: What can we expect from you next?

A: More visuals, more music, and even some acting. More mentoring and community service.

A few questions to get to know you in a fun way:

Q: What is an activity that will make you lose track of time?