Artist Russell's "Lindsay's Freestyle" Is A Real Vibe

Some think that when it comes to R&B the genre is slowly dying, but that's where we intervene and give you the hidden gems in the rough. Russell is a new artist I recently came across during a search for new R&B. The crooner immediately caught my attention with his latest single "Lindsay's Freestyle" a slow vibe that plays off of the flows of famous R&B group destiny's child. Song production is completely different and doesn't represent a sample but instead a Interpolation of "cater 2 u's" flow. Russell's voice smoothly rides the production and reminds you of a throwback jam, bringing back that late 90's early 2000's feel of music. After listening to the track via Apple Music it prompted me to search for a video. Once viewing the visuals the aesthetic matched the sound and feel of the record, while the video depicts a grungy recording, that switches to a cinematic picturing. The coloring and cinematic feel takes you back to a time where music videos were simply but beautifully shot, while following an actual storyline that coincides with the record.

Check out Russell's latest video here:

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