Atlanta-Based Artist Rax Shares New Single “U&I”

Breaking into the music industry and creating a long-lasting influence is something only a small percentage of all recording artists get to achieve, and rising Atlanta-based artist Rax is taking no shorts and ready for whatever it takes to build his discography to platinum status. 2022 is just the beginning for Rax, releasing his first few singles ever. His most recent track “U&I” has been doing organically well, garnering over 27,000 streams and counting.

Preparing for new visual and full-bodied releases, Rax is definitely showing consistency with his craft and passion. “U&I” is also a great first impression of Rax’s artistry on a solo matter, as his first two releases “Zip Tie” and “Ceilin” feature other fellow artists Abu Da Don and Jay Allure. Those new to Rax definitely have a good few options to choose from, and more to come. Stream U&I here or below:

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