Bake Leon, Artist & Entrepreneur Releases Smooth Track "Vv's"

Written by: Julz Mancini

Artists of all kinds typically grow their passion from pain. Creativity is sparked through the hardest of times and utilized as an escape from harsh realities many individuals face. Some look at music as only an outlet of expression while others develop a profession from their calling. The music industry is a cut throat entity in which only the strong survive. Bake Leon, known as a R&TrapB artist, is no stranger to the “survival of the fittest” lifestyle as he grew up in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama.

After experiencing incarceration, heart breaks, and many disappointments during the primary phases of his music career, Bake Leon is adamant about standing strong and paving his own way in the entertainment business. As he developed and launched his own label, “B.A.G. Gang”, opportunities have opened many doors for the entrepreneur. Working with mainstream artists and producers has helped catapult Bake Leon’s brand, creating an influx of supporters and clients. He has worked with producers such as, Clever who is now signed to Post Malone.

As Bake Leon thrives independently, he looks to his young daughter as influence and motivation to continue his journey. As an artist, entrepreneur, and father Bake Leon knows the importance of spreading relatable messages to his audience as inspiration to continue on a positive path. He recently released a song titled, "Vv's", a smooth track for the ladies filled with sexy lyrics and vibes. The visuals for another track, "Hurt" are enchanting and intimate which has captivated his audience.

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