Behind the Scenes: Meet the Engineers who Went ‘Crazy’ on Chris Brown & Young Thug’s Hit Song

When it comes to the music industry, we’re always drawn to an artist’s songs, and sometimes we can even relate to them. Whether it’s the lyrics, the beat, or the melody, there’s something about music that just puts us at ease. While the artist does get most of the recognition, producers and songwriters also get the credit. But what about the engineers behind the music? As skilled technicians, they spend a lot of time in the studio, and their work often consists of turning a good song into a hit record!

Meet three of the masterminds behind the hit song “Go Crazy”, by Chris Brown and Young Thug, which topped Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart, became an RIAA certified platinum record and after an impressive 42 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaked at No. 3!

Patrizio "Teezio" Pigliapoco (Mixing Engineer, Record Producer, Recording Engineer and Vocal Producer)

Meet three-time Grammy nominated producer and recording engineer Teezio from Los Angeles, California. Teezio has been in the music industry for almost a decade now and has worked closely with some of music’s biggest names, such as Nicki Minaj, Gunna, Young Thug, Jacquees, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and many more. From a young age, the L.A. native took an interest in music, playing bass at the age of 10. At 16, he landed his first internship at the YMA Music Group in Burbank and by the time he finished high school, he became quite familiar with Pro Tools. While attending the LA Recording School, he started working as Juicy J’s recording engineer at Wyman Studios and at the age of 21, he signed a publishing deal with BMG. Teezio has made a name for himself in the industry, becoming one of the greatest recording engineers – not to mention, Chris Brown's full-time mixing engineer and co-mixer of Brown’s Slime & B mixtape.

Fun fact!

Teezio also worked on Chris Brown’s Indigo album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) just a few months after its release.

Teezio has worked on several hit records. Check out some of his work here.

Bainz (Mixer and Recording Engineer)

Originally from New Delhi, Angad 'Bainz' Bains entered the music industry in 2008. After graduating from Full Sail University as Valedictorian, Bainz moved to New York City and started working at several music studios, including Blast Off Productions and Dubway Studios. Shortly after, he opened up his own studio, Crosby Recording Studios, in the heart of SoHo and as things were looking up for the engineer, he decided to move his business to Los Angeles. Bainz is behind some of the biggest hits in hip-hop, like hit singles “Hot” by Young Thug, Gunna and Travis Scott, “Goodbyes” by Post Malone featuring Young Thug, and “Go Crazy” by Chris Brown and Young Thug. He’s also worked with the likes of Future, Gunna, Trippie Redd, Lil Keed, Quavo and Offset, just to name a few. In addition, Bainz worked on Young Thug’s entire “So Much Fun” album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as the Slime & B project, which he co-mixed with Teezio.

What’s next?

Bainz is currently working on Young Thug’s next project Slime Language 2, which is set to drop sometime this year.

Check out some of the hottest tracks Bainz has worked on below.

Mike Tucci (Mastering Engineer & Musician)

Mike Tucci is an award winning mastering engineer and musician from New York City. Born in Queens, Mike grew up with an interest in music, playing bass and guitar and performing in bands at a young age. In 2010, he and his brother formed an art-punk rock band called Unstoppable Death Machines and it was then that Mike was inspired to become more involved in music. He began a mastering career at the world renowned Masterdisk in New York City and went on to master several albums with some of the most notable engineers and producers, including Mark 'Spike' Stent (Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga), James Royo (Jason Derulo, Trey Songz, Kid Ink) and many others. Tucci works on hit records in all genres – rock, pop, rap/hip-hop, R&B and indie. In 2020, he mastered Chris Brown and Young Thug’s joint mixtape Slime & B, working alongside Teezio and Bainz.

What’s next?

Mike has a number of projects lined up including Queens rapper Consequence’s Things Are Different, dropping later this year, and Harlem rapper Neek Bucks’ recent release, Neighborhood HOV, is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Listen to some of the songs that Mike has mastered below.

With "Go Crazy" still going strong on the charts, an official remix of the single was released last month, featuring Lil Durk, Mulatto and Future.

Stream both versions below.