Big Swapp unveils single titled "Instagram"

Big Swapp curated a single about people who fake their life on Instagram while Swapp is genuine about his rise to prominence in real life. Like the upbeat tempo of the track, Swapp is "all about that action" and his lyrics paint that picture clear.

Big Swapp got inspired to create the song after coming to terms with the idea that most people are no longer true to themselves. They are merely putting on an act. He notes this is mainly in the case of people struggling but acting wealthy and flexing. The lack of authenticity ultimately fired him up to call it out, and it drives the lyrics. The message is, “Hey, wake up,” Swapp explains.

The Haitian-born, New Jersey-based artist, has immense energy and brings a natural swagger to the project. Listeners are sure to catch the reality check the rapper delivers while vibing with the realness he exudes. The humble up and comer is winning over fans with his body of work and likable personality. Aside from work as a music professional, Big Swapp is also an entrepreneur.

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