Brandon Ravenell Is BACK With His Latest Single "I Wanna"! Confirms More Music Coming Soon!

Brandon Ravenell is a new age R&B singer-songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina that has dedicated his life to improving his craft. His passion for music goes beyond the fame and fortune, he admits even if he were to make no money, he would still do it. From a young age, the independent artist has always had a special connection with music and he continues to show how he truly admires his craft through his hard work/dedication.

Growing up, Brandon began singing at his church at the age of 5. He later started building his talents by learning how to play the drums, piano, and bass guitar! He knew right away, music was the right path for him. However, it wasn’t until he joined the military when he knew he would pursue a career in R&B music.

Releasing his debut EP back in 2017, the R&B artist reveals that Eric Bellinger, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla Sign are three artists that have played a huge role in his music and beat production. However, one thing that makes Brandon unique is that he loves to keep his sound diverse and isn’t afraid to switch things up. In fact, his biggest pet peeve is not sounding original!

“I pride myself on being me and writing me.” He explained, “My voice is unique. My runs are unique. My beats are unique. I’m just… Unique! And I would have it no other way!”

For the future, the up-and-coming artist is looking forward to becoming a full-time recording artist. He also plans on helping young talent get the support and recognition they need to succeed in the music industry.

“Ultimately, I want to be able to help people like myself who have a hard time getting noticed because they don’t have the big budget like the majors to get people to listen to their amazing music.” He explained, “I want to create a family that really loves to give and implement wisdom in each other.”

Since we just celebrated the New Year, Brandon wants his fans to know that he is BACK and ready to release new music! In fact, he already released his first track of 2021 titled, “I Wanna” earlier this month. The single is first of many to come according to the up-and-coming artist. Brandon also confirmed that he currently working on more singles and waiting patiently to get back on the stage!

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