Brooklyn artist sterling rays slated to release new ALBUM "still in my thoughts" this month

Brooklyn, NY is known to birth some of hip-hop’s greatest acts, and rising artist Sterling Rays is bringing the perfect medium of R&B and hip-hop combined. Creating music for the trenches, Sterling Rays considerably caters his music to people grinding from the bottom up, working through humble beginnings. His forthcoming album release “STILL IN MY THOUGHTS” is slated to drop this month, and it is the perfect example of what uniqueness Sterling Rays adds to the airwaves.

Perfecting a timeless sound, Sterling Rays is not only known for being a recording artist, but yet, a creative jack of all trades. He is also renowned as a producer, previously working with artist like Lady London, Young Thug, Lil Duke and plenty other up and coming artists. Currently expanding the foundation of his career, the Brooklyn native has not come to play. This summer will start off great for Sterling Rays, and his new album release will prove what he has to come. Make sure you stay tuned for his forthcoming album, "STILL IN MY THOUGHTS" and follow him here.

Also, check out one of Sterling Ray's buzzing tracks, "Phases", below:

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