Brownsville Bully: BossCee Drops "Frienemies"

We’re met with a Brooklyn native delivering that spice via record, representing for the women in rap with an uncompromising demeanor. Brownsville representative BossCee started her musical journey at 13. The initial influence started with her father’s producing abilities. Followed by her uncles and brother, The Trakformaz, producing skills BossCee fell in love with beats and had to make her presence known on any sound that grazed her ears. The Puerto Rican Goddess refused to let her sound stay local. BossCee remained original as she branched out to Arizona with no remorse. The unapologetic swag of Rico Nasty and the smooth delivery paired with the rugged lyricism reminiscent of Foxy Brown, is what makes BossCee memorable.

“Frienemies” is a visual that depicts the frustration of every artist: trying to balance a 9-5 and your entrepreneurial endeavors. Rushing to a job that undermines her creativity, BossCee makes a life-changing decision to quit. Every artist has faced this decision when pursuing their dreams. Either you’ll take a leap of faith or stay in the same space. BossCee made her leap very clear in the imperious lyrics and dominating delivery. She’s ready to win by any means. “Freinemies” by BossCee is the battery in every artist back to shoot your shot with confidence and no regrets.

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