BRXTN Prepares to Unveil New Single "Fake Love" With High Expectations

BRXTN has been busy at work bringing fresh new music and content to his fans! He is known for his relevant and versatile approach in today’s music industry. BRXTN is getting ready to unveil his newest single, “Fake Love” produced by IAMMTHEIIIRD on July 30th. This song will undoubtedly send a shock through the scene with his melodic tone and catchy bars. After releasing his 10 song label deal with Substream Records, “Fake Love” conveys BRXTN’s reenergized demeanor and creativity as a freshly independent artist.

The 25 year old Kentucky native is now operating under a partnership with fellow emcee Marc DiNero. The two are a force to be reckoned with as they both have the dedication, investment, and talent it takes to make their imprint in the entertainment business. 2021 has been a climactic year for BRXTN as he has initiated many ventures that will surely assist him in climbing the ladder as an artist. He is currently developing a newly founded record label “For Now & Forever” and what a perfect time to do so as he gears up to release “Fake Love”. Anyone who has tuned into BRXTN’s music has experienced the sound of quality and energy that he brings to every track!

“Got dedicated and then I elevated. I’m out here eating good and meditating. Know you watch my IG stories just for inspiration”- BRXTN “Fake Love”

Fans can now pre-save the upcoming single on Apple Music & Spotify! Click below to pre-save now!



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