Bryson Tiller "Blunt Talk" Leak FT Travis Scott

We're not quite sure how one of Bryson Tiller's fan pages on Youtube keeps acquiring leaks of his music, but it seems as though the page has released another Tiller song onto the net.

The song features Travis Scott and is entitled "Blunt Talk" the track was uploaded last month in December, and has somehow flown under the radar of being noticed.

In new music, Bryson Tiller expresses talking bluntly to his fling who is currently in a relationship. Throughout the track, you can hear him croon "Wish I met you before him, You wish you met me before she did, we wouldn't have to keep secrets." Fans have been patiently waiting for more and more music content from Bryson after he recently returned to the game with his "Anniversary" album.

Well whether it be a leak or not it's new content for anyone who's a Bryson Tiller fan. The track has not been officially promoted by Bryson nor Travis Scott but seems pretty legit.

Stream the latest song here:

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