BSE’S Recording Artist Humphrey Bogard

Upcoming artist Humphrey Bogard gave us a inside look of him as an upcoming artist.

Check out his recent interview with us below:

Q: where are you from and what was it like growing up there?

I’m from Stamford, Connecticut. A place where violence wasn’t a priorty but some folks chose to fight it out. I learned the important facts about being independent and grinding.

1. At what age did you find your passion for music?

A: To be honest, when I was born.

2. How would you describe your sound of music?

A: I will describe my music as Timeless. Its good music from the golden era of hiphop

1. What are some of the things you’ve accomplished so far in your career?

A: I Started a record company and partnered with Bserecordings Recording. I have recorded enough music for three albums. 1. What is something you feel like you’re on the verge of accomplishing, but haven’t yet?

A: having a number one record chart on billboard. 1. Who were some of your inspirations in music while growing up?

A: Big daddy Kane, tribe called quest, and BustaRhymes

2. Who would you like to get in the studio with in 2021?

A: Timberland

1. Is weed an essential item for your studio sessions?

A: Absolutely not

Have you ever considered doing a mixtape for your fans? Do you think the mixtape era is dead?

A: Right now I’m just focused on singles maybe a mix tape 1. What’s next for you? 2. Grammys

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