BurnaMaleik’s 'U Evol' Takes Introspective Look At Toxic Love Affair

St. Louis up-and-coming artist BurnaMaleik recently released a six-track project that hears him rapping and singing over moody/sample heavy R&B instrumentals. The project has an overall vibe that makes the audience want to listen and connect with him.

The tape opens with BurnaMaleik's "She Taxin," a track in which he expresses his displeasure with women using men as bank accounts while also emphasizing that, in many situations, men are in no position to judge.

Lines like "Put the body on him, she taxin," "She shakin ass on the low, she stackin cash on the low," and "You tryna judge her, but you not above her, that work for the lord not a madman" paint a vivid picture of what she's going through.

BurnaMaleik's next track "Focus" finds him pleading with his lover to avoid listening to what others have to say about their relationship while battling his own demons. BurnaMaleik's heart bleeds over the beat as he speaks about how his struggles have caused him to become emotionally inaccessible at times. Though he doesn't say so directly in the song, much of what he's saying is true.

BurnaMaleik's undying love for his partner, as well as what he had to go through to get to this point in his career, are the subjects of U Evol I's third track, "No Doubt." The audience is given a brief glimpse of the rapper's love life and the life he's fled from with lyrics like "only girl I want she the number one dancer" and "I shined out from section 8."

The next two tracks on the tape, "Trust Nobody" and "Loving You," reveal BurnaMaleik's trust issues and his willingness to improve others before himself as a result. The two tracks complement each other well, allowing the listener to gain a better understanding of who he is.

With a jovial piano rhythm, high pitched auto-tuned singing, and watery drum lines, U Evol I's final track "The Woods" is a full 180 from the previous five songs. The album, on the other hand, is a refreshing change of pace that shows off his versatility to his fans.

Check out U Evol I and its accompanying visual album below!

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