Capella Grey Releases Visuals for “SAS CRISE” ft. Alayzha Sky and Ghost

Still dominating NYC Street's with Gyalis , Capella Grey prepares to drop his first studio album he shares the new visual, “SAS CRISE'' off the upcoming project, ''Vibe Responsibly Volume 1.” Allepac the Family is excited to announce the official music video featuring Alayzha Sky and Ghost, (COO). This record which was released back in 2021, from this multi talented R&BOP singer, songwriter, producer and engineer definitely has song of the summer written all over it . “Sas Crise” follows the success of Capella’s double platinum single, “Gyalis”. Gyalis was released as an R&B freestyle that single-handedly took over the industry Last year. After receiving over 330 million+ streams, Grey confidently displays why the industry should thank him. As Capella taps into his Jamaican roots, this record shows how much of a versatile artist he truly is.


Wednesday at 9pm on Dyre Avenue, the last stop on the 5 train, Capella has friends and fans pull up to the video set. ATF is known to vibe out responsibly so just like all their other events it was simply a fun vibe. Grey set the tone for what this summer Uptown is going to be like. In the beginning clip, everyone gathers around and starts to get lit as Capella begins to turn up with the crew. He enjoys interacting with his main supporters as seen throughout the visual; the energy is simply unmatched. This single sparks many questions for listeners. One being, is it harder to leave an ex if they are very attractive, or have you ever been blocked because after a

breakup but then you notice a fake page in your views?

No matter what she say this gyal cyan leave me, she block mi number then she stalk mi like a
bloodclaat fiend. Watch har nuh/ fake page and everywhere I go I see har in my face"\\

Watch "Sas Crise" here & as Capella would say vibe responsibly

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