Compton Native YG Riqo Brings Reality Rap To Life On 'Risk It All Tryna Ball' Mixtape

If there is one thing that is easily apparent about rap music, and Hip Hop culture in general, it is that the genre cohort closely mirrors reality. YG Riqo is delivering glimpses of his perspective reality on his debut Risk It All Tryna Ball mixtape.

Throughout the 11-track project the Compton native meanders from topic to topic as he weaves together harrowing bars and equally befitting melodies. The project builds on the popularity of his unreleased singles like "Full Throttle" and "Tommy Vercetti."

YG Riqo's melodic rap sung verses are incredibly welcoming despite the harsh topics some of his tracks address. One of his most cunning and cold-hearted tracks from Risk It All Tryna Ball is "Room 304" in which Riqo expertly delivers point-by-point instruction on how to rule the street game.

Stream the Risk It All Tryna Ball project in full here.

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