'D.R.U.G'S' by Rosco P is out NOW!

Rosco P aka Marcus Jones from Lansing, Michigan is hyped to announce his newest project ‘D.R.U.G’S’ that dropped July 12th 2021. Rosco P is excited for this project because he’s showcasing his full vocal range, instead of being a little bit more reserved like in past projects. The title for this album is an acronym that stands for ‘Dear Rager’s Ur Gods.’ It will include 5 new songs that all have their own style that applies to ‘5 different vibes that all ragers crave’ said Rosco P.

As of now, Rosco P is looking to be an opening act for a well-known artist to get his name and music out there. He is working towards “one day becoming a signed artist or an independent artist with a household name.” He has interest in a few labels such as QC and cactus Jack. He’s not sure which direction he will go but he’s open to either!

Rosco P describes his style and music as ‘alternative trap meets punk rock’ that he’s been working on for the last 7 years. Rosco P says he’s constantly trying to better himself each day to be able to get where he wants to be in his career.

Be sure to check out his newest album and follow Rosco P on the platforms listed below to keep up with his journey and see where his career takes him next!

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Written by: Brooke Pendergrass Instagram

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