DatBoiiPolo Is The Next Independent Artist On The Rise! Catch Up With The OC Native.

DatBoiiPolo is an up and coming artist from Orange County that is always on the move! Only emerging into the game a little over a year ago, DatBoiiPolo is the next artist on the rise. Since last May, the up and coming artist has released 18 tracks and counting. One of them titled “What’s Really Hannin” is what got the OC artist to receive recognition in the industry.

The independent artist has a diverse sound that many people have considered to represent hip-hop culture with a modern twist. Growing up around the party scene in Los Angeles, DatBoiiPolo revealed that artists like 1TakeJay, BlueFace, and Rucci, were big influences in his sound/style.

When it comes to my music I create an environment for the listener to exist in with uplifting, fun energy and sound.” He explained, “My voice, my adlibs, my true character are the reasons I’m unlike a lot of these artists out here. I can't be compared.”

With the initial success of his music career, DatBoiiPolo was on a roll dropping at least 10 songs within a month. However, it all came to a stand still when he found himself struggling with writer’s block. The advice that got him through this time was, “you got to fall in love with it and attack everyday” and he did just that!

DatBoiiPolo is proud of his accomplishments that he achieved so early on in his career. Booking 10 shows within a three-month span, receiving radio play opportunities, and several interviews. He hopes to one day collaborate with YG, headline a Rolling Loud Festival and promote his music worldwide.

In the next year, DatBoiiPolo hopes to complete an EP and an album along with picking up deals to branch out in the industry. Aside from working on his EP, The up and coming artist revealed he also has multiple collaborations in the works and has a merch line on the way (@PoloNGxng)!

IG: @DatBoiiPolo

YouTube Channel: DatBoiiPolo

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