District 21 Delivers The Sunny Video For His Secret Admirer's Anthem "July"

Up-and-coming West Coast rapper District 21's feel-good hit "July" is a diamond in the rough worth uncovering.

Equipped with an ambient guitar rift and swooning lyricism, District 21's "July" is an intoxicating hybrid ballad-banger captures that warm-fuzzy feeling taking place in a serious relationship.

In the video for "July" District 21 captures that warm-fuzzy feeling taking place on the sandy sun-kissed beaches of Southern California

"I wrote 'July' based on my own relationship experience," District 21 told HipHopBasement. "Love has always been so up and down for me so I wanted the song to demonstrate that. Relationships often feel like a contradiction with me ya know? You never know what they want and shit can just feel all over the place sometimes but there's beauty at the end of it. You deal with it, and in the best way, because you love them."

And to the delight of his fans, "July" is the first solo release from District 21 since his 2018 album No Static, and serves as the inaugural single for his upcoming Saint Harbor mixtape.

Watch the full video for "July" below and additionally revisit District 21's No Static album, which includes production from Mustard on the opening track "Hardly.

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