DJ PacWeezy Is Bringing The Heat With His Latest Single "Main Bitch"!

Born in Ghana, Africa, Independent artist DJ PacWeezy has always had a good ear for music. In 2001, his family relocated to Seattle, Washington where he was raised and eventually attended college to study public relations. DJ PacWeezy’s passion for music began with his love for finding new artists and tracks. The independent artist considers himself a music collector, revealing that he has over 10,000 songs on his laptop.

DJ PacWeezy always hoped he would do something in the music industry. He explained, “While always being a music fan, I always wanted to do something involving music. I used to help my friend get features and beats for his tracks because I knew a lot of underground artists and producers. But he didnt take it seriously enough so in 2017 I decided to start releasing mixtapes and connecting with some of the artists and producers I knew.”

While hunting for new music, the independent artist realized that he genuinely enjoyed the west coast vibe. In fact, he revealed that many west coast legends inspire his sound including E 40, Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Iamsu, YG, DJ Carisma, and many more!

The independent artist says it was back in his college days where he had discovered that he may have a chance at starting a career in music.

“When I was at school, I went to parties every weekend and most of the parties I used to go to were not that live.” He revealed, “I started playing music at every party I went to and from then on, the whole school started listening to west coast music and twerking at almost every party. That made me realize that I could really influence the crowd with the type of music I play and being able to control the crowd; never having a dead moment at the party.”

DJ PacWeezy says his biggest inspiration is his family. His girlfriend who recently gave birth to a baby boy and his 1-year old daughter. He also thanks his best friend who passed away for always giving him hope and supporting him at the beginning of his career.

“I lost my best friend a couple of years ago and we used to listen to music together all the time. I used to show him new music and put him on so many new artists.” DJ PacWeezy recalled, “Right before he passed, I used to brainstorm all the ideas I had planned for the future to him. What I was going to do with my music and how I was going to get some of our favorite artists on my songs. He sadly passed about a year into me taking my music seriously. So I always told myself that I was going to do this for him and I wouldn’t give up on our mission.

Since 2017, DJ PacWeezy has released 2 EP’s, 2 Albums, and many singles. In fact, early this month he released his latest single “Main Bitch” featuring Kodacthegreat, Gourmet Dre & Mike Ngam. What’s Next for DJ PacWeezy? The independent artist revealed he is currently working on his next album titled “NewEraDJ”. The album is set to be released next year!

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