Doja Cat Joins Forces With SZA for "Kiss Me More"

Earlier this year, Doja Cat teased a SZA collaboration and when she was interviewed by the R&B songstress for V Magazine, they both confirmed the news. “Ok, so did you just f**k around and do every single genre because that’s what we wanna hear? You could do literally anything. I know our little ditty ‘Kiss Me More’ is a different strut and I’m just excited,” SZA said. “I’ve always wanted to try things,” Doja replied. “I commend artists, like you, who stick to something. It feels pleasing aesthetically and very driven.“

"Kiss Me More" is the first single from the rapper's forthcoming album "Planet Her". Produced by Yeti Beats, the groovy, disco-esque track has both artists expressing love in their own way.

Can you kiss me more? / We're so young, boy, we ain't got nothin' to lose, uh-oh / It's just principle / Baby, hold me 'cause I like the way you move, uh-oh

Control don't slow the pace, if I pull back / All this ass for real (Ahh) / Drama make you feel (Ahh) / Fantasy and whip appeal / Is all I can give you

The track is accompanied by a sci-fi music video directed by Warren Fu, and which stars Grey's Anatomy's actor Alex Landi. While Doja hasn't shared the tracklist for "Planet Her", we do know that the project is due out this summer.

Check out "Kiss Me" below.

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