Edwar The Photogrpaher Gets The Job Done

Edwar already has a unique story behind himself, the Photogrpaher was originally born in Egypt. He picked up his photography habits from his father, but from there he began to find his artistic talent and endured a spiritual journey.

Edwar uses his talent to capture moments of light between time and space, in the dimension of unknown cultures.

He loves to build a since of spirituality through connecting with peoples visuals connecting faces and places as he travels doing what he loves.

He takes his time to capture the beauty of looks and gestures, in full respect of people’s closed and timid customs, meaning their way of interacting when expressions emotions and vision.

His shots are crisp and clear images, ones you’d love to have for Instagram or even to hang on your wall in your home. With lifestyle shots, street shots and even some editorial looks, Edwar is just the photographer you’re looking for!

Check out more of Edwar and his work on his Instagram:


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