empires newest artist fwc big key is here to stay!

FWC Big Key is the newest artist on Empire and he’s ready to take the sound that made him a fan-favorite on the independent scene to the main stage. Acclaimed by many as a skilled rapper with the prowess of a veteran, we spoke to Key about who he is as an artist, growing up in Detroit and more.

Raised in the West-side of Detroit, Key doesn't hold back in discussing his upbringing. He didn’t have the rough childhood that has become synonymous with the rap image. He grew up with both of his parents in the household.

“I always had what I wanted or needed, I ain’t really grow up struggling or anything”

He got into rapping as a hobby but his skills impressed those close to him. Big Key’s friends encouraged him to take music seriously and this birthed the beginning of his music career.

A number of stints in jail was a wake up call for FWC Big Key to start eyeing the next level.

“I got arrested in 2018 and was released in 2019 — I was telling myself I’m gonna focus on music when I get out. I had one foot in the streets and one foot out.”

Key acknowledged this as his wake up call and shortly after decided to focus on music.

FWC Big Key is an artist out of Detroit, which has made a name for itself by birthing some of the most buzz worthy artists in Hip-Hop. Kash Doll , Eminem and Big Sean are amongst some of the stars who proudly represent Detroit

When asked what being from detroit meant Key shared the following , “It influenced my music a lot, it’s different here. There’s a lot going on out here”

When asked who the artists are that he grew up listening to, Big Key listed local artists from Detroit that helped him shape his sound. “Blade Icewood, Doughboyz Cash Out, Dex Osama”

The high-energy sound that you hear from Big Key is crafted from his unique creative process. As odd as it might sound Key likes to be as agitated as possible before he lays a track.

“If I’m mad or something like that it makes me go harder. Some of my biggest songs came because I was mad or something irritated me or something like that. I can make a song in like 2 minutes just going.”

When asked about the difference in when he was independent versus being signed he stated : “It’s really the same, it feels like I’m still independent. I just have that little push behind me. Empire did a good job with that, so they made me really feel like I can just do me.”

FWC Big Key streaming shared that giant NBA Youngboy was a musical influence “His whole group I've been following for a minute, they really remind me of me and my guys. It feels like I can relate to them.”

FWC Big Key is very community oriented. For now, he’s focusing solely on music. But when asked if he would be into getting into other fields as a creative he spoke about the potential film opportunity with fellow Detroit artist Icewear Vezzo, who is also a collaborator on his Industry Ready project.

Industry Ready is available now on all streaming platforms.

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