Female Rappers Who I'm Ready For!

I knew this girl was the truth when Uncle Charlie co-signed her! She's been co-signed by all the OG's this Alabama native hasn't been playing at all. If you haven't heard of Chika then get on your streaming platform and download all her music. Stat! You won't be disappointed, I love her for the mere fact she's not rapping about her body parts all the time and she can go toe to toe with your favorite rapper. Lyricism isn't dead, she's resurrected the game with her word play.

Now, this next artist might be raunchy but she's lyrical and I love her for it. She's an Alabama native as well who's feisty. Lil Kim would be proud because she has a swag that's unique. Most of the new chicks have facade where they try to convey confidence. Flo Milli oozes it and you can hear it when she raps. These new chicks try to hard and that's why it's harder recognition for girls who have real talent to get any shine. Too many of them are trying to be Nicki Minaj when there can only be one Nicki. Some don't believe me but every artist who I said is IT has been IT. Flo Milli is IT!

Been rocking with her since "Insecure", that's where I first heard YBT aka Young Baby Tate. The eclectic Georgia native is very unapologetic in her raps which is something that I can appreciate. She also proves that Black girls can be carefree and we aren't monolithic. For the longest in the rap game all female rappers looked the same. Then you have Tate with her witty punch lines, empowering flows and eccentric look. She's a breath of fresh air. She's another artist who doesn't rap about her body all the time. I don't mind sexual content but it's only so much I can take about your juice box ladies. If we demanding more of our men then we have to demand more of ourselves right?

These are the ladies that I'm feeling right now, they're innovative fun, eclectic. These women all embody a level of confidence that most aspire to which is admirable. They're magnificent story-tellers which is why I chose them. I believe they have what it takes to change the game.

Thanks for reading until next time.....


Queen Ke

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