Female Rappers Who We Miss

Female rap is in interesting space right now, women really have the rap game in a chokehold right now. From our witty rhymes to our sexy demeanor. It's finally getting to a place where women aren't expected to like one another. Only one thing is expected out the femeces and that's to be FIRE!!! The women I'm about to mention are some artists who I feel are slept on and I would love to see what they do this year.


The North Carolina native has been a force to be reckoned with since she's entered the game. I love her projects, before she came onto the scene all the female rappers were swagger jacking Nicki Minaj. They were afraid to be themselves. That's one reason why I gravitated towards her because she didn't rap about the same things as other artists. If you love J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar this is the artist for you.

Drezzy (Big Drezz)

I Love everything about the Chi-town native from her witty flow to her cocky demeanor. The way she attacks the beat and her cadence is unmatched. I really hate that her last project didn't do better because it was really good. Hopefully, she has a better team that way she can really show out!

Kash Doll

I want the Detroit native to win so bad! She's fire on features but her solo projects just haven't delivered that oomph yet. Now, that might seemed harsh but Basement peeps let's keep it real, name a classic mixtape of hers?


Another Chi-town native who tried to make a name for herself but she went about it the wrong way. The frustration she felt as a creative was understandable but to lash at the people who support you was asinine. I hope she doesn't suffer the Daniel Caesar effect because she's a great artist. She rides her own wave and doesn't try to follow the crowd which is commendable.


The Bronx native hasn't put out an album in a while just features. The content she put out was enjoyable it was sweet and spicy like the picante lollipops at the bodega. Her banter was different and the confidence oozed out your speakers on every track. My favorites are "WTS" , "See Me" and "Phases". The features are nice but it's time for her to put out some content this year.

These are dope women who I wanted to highlight where it's time for them to rock it out. This industry is cut throat and if these ladies don't want to fade into obscurity then they're going have to reach deep within. It's women coming for their spot and let's see if they can keep it.