Fergie Baby Drops "Steve-O" And Proves Why He Is One Of New York's Coolest Rappers

Fergie Baby is as Harlem as they come - with the exuberant swagger that draws immediate connection to one of Harlem’s most famous groups, Dipset. There's an excitement and cockiness about this rapper that makes you feel like you’re right uptown on Dyckman with the guys. It’s just straight up, no holds barred, uninhibited fun music -- a necessary breath of fresh air for New York’s Hip-Hop scene.

If you want to be thoroughly entertained check out his song “It’s Neaky” a parody of R&B singer Fantasia’s classic “When I See You.” It’s a cross between Weird Al Yankovic and modern internet humor like Shiggy, but it has that New York City flavor that only a Fergie Baby can bring.

Don’t let the persona fool you, Fergie Baby can still spit. One of his earliest records, “Bleachers'' from his project “Are You Dum?! Vol.1” flows like a certified hit and exudes star power. Despite being released in 2018, the song sounds like it can hold up against some of today’s heat. “Shittin Me” is another solid record that can bump at any function. With early cosigns from the likes of the late Fred The Godson, he’s destined to become a household name.

Check out “Steve- O” which is his latest release, accompanied with an extremely entertaining music video. Fergie is just posted up with his guys and later finds himself caught up in a very funny dilemma, making for an entertaining watch from start to finish. Director Borleone Films helps to capture that Uptown energy that you truly have to be there to fully experience.

“I stay wildin out, Steve-O” obviously a nod to the MTV classic “Jackass” which was led by Steve-O . Fergie is talking his sh*t on this song “I’m dripped out just look at my chain “ you’ll never run out of captions with a song this boisterous.

Check out the video to Steve-O

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