Freeport's Own Marcel Allen Releases New Music Video, "Gourmet"

“Gourmet” is perhaps one of the very best descriptors of Freeport, New York’s Marcel Allen’s music from the highly manicured and soulful music he gives us, in small portions, but with his newest visual for his track “Gourmet,” Marcel is poised to begin releasing again leading up to his long awaited new project. Since 2018 Allen has given listeners small doses of his lyrically dense and introspective style that was coupled with always artistically bold visuals that further drive home the comprehensive attention to detail that he approaches his art with.

Marcel is an adept storyteller and skilled wordsmith who loves to flex his lyrical muscle over luxurious yet laid-back and sample-driven instrumentals, moving at his own pace and never hard pressed to over exaggerate a punchline or force a metaphor that doesn’t belong. This, along with his razor sharp wordplay, is exemplified in his latest visual as he subtly drops sleek like "We're breaking ribs and hundred-dollar bills," exemplifying Allen's determination to his goals and unwillingness to let anyone stand in his way. He raps meticulously with a breeze, and that is a very difficult thing to do. His presence is unlike many others when he steps into the booth and I really hope that “Gourmet” is just the tip of the iceberg for future Marcel Allen music this year, or at the top of next. Keep an eye out for the Freeport, New York native as he prepares to unveil his much awaited debut project.

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