From DC 101 To Street Lawyer Services, Lonny The Street Lawyer is for the people!

Lonny The Street Lawyer is not a person you can define by one practice of life but many! From high profile cases in his early law days to now expanding his business Street Lawyer Services to Miami and New York City from Washington D.C., Lonny inspires and empowers people to be themselves while going after what they deserve.

Add in top-notch education from Stanford (B.A.) and Columbia Universities (J.D.); you have a budding future Forbes 40 under 40 candidate in Lonny The Street Lawyer. His journey shows that he is more than just a handsome face with an excellent brain; Lonny is the voice of the people.

Growing up using DC 101 via Iheart Radio, Lonny was the voice of the streets in answering difficult legal questions and giving insight into why things operate the way they do in society. He used his legal experience and radio experience to start up his shop. Since then, it has been no turning back! Lonny has curated a safe haven for good vibes, weed, and equality.

He has revolutionized the way the cannabis business should be facilitated. Lonny makes it very personable from his SLS women team, who keep him prepped to be the elite of the elite while keeping in touch with your everyday person! Fun vibes and times summarize Lonny; now he expands news shops to Miami and New York soon! The world is his canvas, and he paints pictures of new hope every day!

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