From Owning a Company To Dropping New Music, Arkansas Artist Kay Kay Is Building An Empire!

Up-and- coming artist Kay Kay from Little Rock, Arkansas is eager to make a mark in the music industry. The hip-hop artist who is fairly new to the game is ready to impress people not only with her music but also with her skills behind the camera. Prior to getting in the studio for the first time, Kay Kay was enrolled in college to study Film & Motion Pictures. A skill that she dedicated to learning is incorporating both film and music together.

Kay Kay’s start in music happened unexpectedly while shooting photos for another artist in the studio. She made a comment that she would be able to out “rap” the artist thinking that no one was paying attention! Little did Kay Kay know, they would encourage her to get in the booth and go off.

I thought my voice wouldn't sound right, but they hyped me.” Kay Kay recalled, “I then went home and sent what I recorded to my brother Savvy and I think he finally figured I could do music seriously and it went from there.”

However, it has been only 6 months since Kay Kay made the decision to pursue music and is still trying to discover her sound. With help of her brother Savvy and producer Perspectiv3, together they collaborate and work on making new music that will fit Kay Kay’s style.

Kay Kay revealed, “since I dropped my first project I have been practing more on writing and getting more confident in creating music; learning and studying the background of music, lyrics, beats etc.”

Ultimately Kay Kay’s goal is to be the best creator of all TIME! Without a doubt she is on the road to do so. In 2019, Kay Kay got an LLC for her own production company “RayneDrop Film & Production”. With her company she plans to bring all her ideas to life! Beginning with her debut single “Like KayKay” which is inspired by a popular 2000’s movie!

"Like KayKay" was play of the movie "Like Mike" and Lil Bow Wow’s song "Basketball." The hip-hop artist revealed, “The whole concept from when I released the photos tons of people gravitated to it and loved the idea and felt it was creative. Some people thought I was going to actually be recreating the movie, but when they found out it would be a music video they were even more interested.”

Unfortunately, while filming the music video Kay Kay suffered an injury which caused her to immediately go into surgery. The hip-hop artist had shattered her ankle but still directed her team to finish the rest of the video regardless of the incident. You can even see how it all went down on the videos over 50k views on YouTube!

The independent artist is currently recovering from the accident and is still HUSTLIN! Kay Kay revealed she is working on a short film and there is new music on the way!

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