Game Over's Album Release Party For "Checkmate" Deemed Huge Success

By: Julz Mancini

Photography by: the @elcalvador

With the pandemic coming to an end, it was the perfect time for Game Over to organize his album release party. The night proved to be a success with the parking lot full and a drink in everyone’s hands. Game Over could be seen reiterating his lyrics as his album could be heard through the speakers at Straight Fuego Studios in New Jersey. Prior to the fans and guests arriving, Game Over was interviewed on “The Gahhd Podcast” where he discussed his music journey.

Becoming verified on Instagram, being placed on a billboard in Time Square, and releasing his new album, “Checkmate” are three milestones that have brought Game Over to the next level of his career. This phenomenal artist expressed how grateful and thankful he is for all of his accolades thus far. He explained, “I know my purpose in life. That’s why I stay humble.” He went on to mention that he is preparing to tour this year and that “Checkmate” is proof that he is making power moves in the industry.

When asked what his earliest memory of hip hop is, Game Over stated, “1984- I recall my cousin break dancing and listening to Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane.” This talented artist is a prime example of a leader and inspiration to other artists. He strives to remain authentic as this motivates the artists on his team.

As the album release party continued, it was clear that the love and support Game Over received from the guests was genuine. There is no question that he has impacted many people with his music and impeccable work ethic. “Checkmate” is undoubtedly a major success and just the beginning for Game Over as he plans to continue climbing the ladder in the entertainment business. His supporters can be seen on Instagram showing love and positive feedback on each post. They are anticipating Game Over’s next move and with the summertime upon us, we can surely expect to see and hear more great things from him. Be sure to follow Game Over on Instagram and stream his new album, “Checkmate”.


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