Gil Thompson Releases Highly Anticipated Album "When the Music Speaks"

By: Julz Mancini

Most music lovers seek artists who tell stories they can resonate with. There are several emcees who utilize music as an outlet of expression while also opening the minds of their listeners. Gil Thompson has always had a deep love for music. Throughout the years of his music journey he has blessed his fans with projects that open their eyes to a bigger picture. With his witty word play, metaphors, and storytelling abilities, Gil has won the hearts of his loyal following. Recently, Gil unveiled his new album, “When the Music Speaks”. This work of art is filled with classic production, catchy hooks, and messages that make you play it back over and over again. While listening to the album in its entirety, I felt compelled to share the experience with the readers.

The introductory song titled, “When the Music Speaks” is the perfect beginning to the project displaying Gil’s storytelling abilities and strong vocals in the hook. The next track to catch my attention was, “My City Needs Me”. Tr3ple 3z is featured on the song and did an impeccable job on his verse.

“Whoever stitched this evil design is lazy boy, they pulled back and watch you recline. Strong will I guess, it’s poison in the mixture. Solidify these facts as you freeze me as the victor.”

During the song, Gil did not fail his listeners and presented his fans with truth. “My greatest failure is the moment I woke up to find I spent my energy indulging evil wasting time. Can’t get it back. That’s why I’m hoping that you listen now.”

One of the most beautiful songs on “When the Music Speaks” is titled, “The Beauty In It”. This track features Trinacy, Nahdi Newsense, and Lazo. The hook is soft and appealing to the ear.

“How should I move? What should I say? I just wanna see the beauty in it. Tryna improve. Make my own way. I just wanna see the beauty in it.”

“The Beauty In It” portrays the truth about the life the artists have lived which lures in the listener due to their transparency. There were so many lyrics in this song to choose from as many of them hit home. For instance,

“Life is beautiful. But it’s shorter than a cuticle. My pop died 12 years ago. I still go in the corner from time to time when it’s suitable and cry when nobody’s looking. And I’m high & drunk at the same time most likely. Pray to the most highly but still empathize with the demons that stroll by me. Cause energy gets transferred like currency in the hood. I felt pain but these white cells in my blood are fully trained.”

Speaking on the transference of energy is something many of you can relate to as we all struggle with our own demons. It is no surprise that this album is titled, “When the Music Speaks”.

“I Want” is yet another track that invited the listener into Gil’s mind as he reveals his desire to be a better version of himself. “Analyzing thoughts in my mind that shouldn’t belong there. Society made socially comfortable with a lawn chair. Placed into the grass where the snakes surrounding you all here. A momentary weakness to strike attacking your raw fear!

It’s a breath of fresh air for an artist to portray their vulnerability within music. It shows the audience that we are all human and we can all learn from each other. Gil’s thoughts laid down on a track as lyrics may surely help someone else make sense of their emotions and desire for change as well. That is, in fact, the purpose of creating music…to ignite certain emotions, teach lessons, and share messages with those who may need to hear it. With a total of 10 tracks, “When the Music Speaks” is certainly an album for people who love the culture. Be sure to follow Gil Thompson on social media and stream the new project!



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