GustoTrsral Releases New Single “Freak”

“Mr. Make It Happen”, Gustotrsral knows how to bring high energy! Hailing from Nashville, TN, country music capital of America, Gustotrsral, one would anticipate that he incorporates some country elements in his music but for his latest song, “Freaks” he went the bounce music route. Bounce music, born from hip hop, made popular in New Orleans, is a catchy, uptempo genre, with heavy brass, drums, and synthesizer, complimented with a “repetitive melody”. Gustotrsral screams culture having roots in Haiti and currently building in Atlanta Georgia aka The Black Hollywood, you can hear it all in his music.

“Freaks” is an infectious, hypersexual summer anthem that leaves images of spring break, miami carnival, and festival season in New Orleans. From the cover art we look forward to seeing visuals of yacht parties and lots of twerking! Stream “Freaks” now! Previously, in his song “Mr. Make It Happen”, rapping over the “Girl Give Me That” sample performed by Webbie and Boosie, Gusto paid homage to some of his influencers. And after seeing some success, with “YESSIRSKI” at almost 30K views on spotify and “Ring The Alarm”, this enthusiastic artist is showing his fans that they can continue to count on him for good music.

“Fresh up out of jail and I ain't never going back” — Gustotrsral spent 16 months in jail, facing a murder charge, but after one of the roughest times in his life, Gusto decided that the direction he was heading in, was no longer for him. Gusto not only has committed himself to his music but also to understanding of the music business.

Make sure to stream “Freak“ below:

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