Hood Celebrity talks "Good Girl" Her Journey and more

Jamaican-born and Bronx bred, HoodCelebrityy is one of the most popular Dancehall artists in recent years. Her breakout hit was her 2017 single, "Walking Trophy," which peaked at number 22 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. Born Tina Pinnock HoodCelebrityy’s fusion of reggae flavor and Hip-Hop flare is what put her on the map.

When asked about her upbringing: “Tina was always fun, dancing, running around with my friends, beating on drums, making music, and singing for people.” When Pinnock was twelve years old, she migrated from Portmore Jamaica to the United States:

It was different, the weather changed, the language changed, schools changed. Growing up in Jamaica where we speak patois -- moving to America where I'm around different people (of different cultures) everybody speaking different languages, like Woah -- what are they saying? Then they looked at me like what am I saying? So yeah it was different but fun.”

Growing up, HoodCelebrityy found herself listening to Vybz Kartel, Lady Saw, and a little bit of Bob Marley. Hood cites "Virginity" and Romping Shop featuring dancehall icon Spice as her top 2 tracks by the World Boss. What inspires Hoodcelebrity? It's simple --- “Doing good music, making good music for my fans, taking care of my family, motivating young girls out here telling them to be a walking trophy. Believe in yourself … that inspires me”

When asked about her growth as an artist from some of her earlier albums to now, HoodCelebrityy had a lot to say about how far she’s come: “I feel like my sound, me as a person, my tone and my voice when I hear some of the songs on trap vs reggae I feel like as an artist my growth is crazy. I listen to some of my songs and I'm like “Damn this wasn't all that.”

The story of her breakout hit Walking Trophy: “I was at home and working out in the mirror and looking at myself like damn I'm a walking trophy. And I'm like if I'm a walking trophy, I gotta make other people feel like that too, cause you can't just make muscat walking about yourself. And I was just like I'm a walking trophy and I want other people to know that you're a walking trophy too. You're pretty in real life, you're not just pretty on Instagram you're pretty with or without makeup. And that's really what inspired it.”

In the opening line to her song ``Catch It”, she says “let me take y'all back to dancing because nobody is doing it anymore.” That is exactly what inspired the song. “These are what was popping in Bronx house parties, Brooklyn house parties it didn't matter where you were from. I just wanted to bring that energy back, because I felt like we were in an era where nobody was dancing. It's either serious or super gangster. I want to make people dance, that's what I like to do, that's what I grew up seeing and dancing, you couldn't hear none of those songs without moving or dancing.” When asked about who she sees herself working with in the future: “Definitely want to work with Rihanna, Drake, Shaggy. I feel like that would be dope for the culture.” When she’s laying down these powerful tracks, Hood is usually sipping on tea … “I gotta have tea, tea is a must, I feel like tea calms my nerves --- I drink tea like three times a day. I like green tea, no sugar, nothing in it, just raw. I like peppermint tea, I have been taking a lot of fever grass tea sour Sapp leaf tea … “

Her latest single, "Good Girl", was almost the hit that got away. Despite multiple people in her camp telling her how good the record was, she did not believe in the song.

“Good girl is a record that I slept on --- it was one of those records, I feel like when I recorded it i didn't want to feel like this again. But it is so real, like the energy/feel, even the passion in my voice. I had a studio session with Lil Uzi and I was playing my album. He was sitting down on the floor and i didn't think he was listening. He jumped up like that's the record right there -- he made us play it like 4 times. He said if people hear your album, they hear that it's a bigger record than that (walking trophy).

HoodCelebrityy feels like the pandemic helped her craft, by allowing her more opportunity for self-reflection: “Covid helped me find myself, which is so weird. You can get the best things out of the worst situations. RIP to all the people that lost their family members, that lost lives, but it helped me find myself as a person. I had more time to sit down and think about stuff I didn't know about myself I found out during covid. That helped my craft even more.” When asked what is one thing she would change as a young Tina, Hood Shared this

“I wish I wasn't so fearful with a lot of things. I remember my brother used to say “My sister doesn't live her life because she's always so scared.” I play everything safe. I feel like if I would've let loose a little bit, I would probably get to enjoy some of the stuff I didn't get to enjoy growing up.”

HoodCelebrityy was seen recently on tour with actor and r&b artist Rotimi. Check out her latest single "Good Girl" available now on all streaming platforms. Check out our full interview with HoodCelebrityy in the link below.

(Photo credit Something Light Media )