Independent Artist Khiree Announces Merch Line and Mixtape "Flyree Irving" Coming Soon!

Khiree is an up-and-coming artist that turned his pain into his passion. It was only last year when the Los Angeles Native emerged into the music industry, However, he began making music at the age of seven. The hip hop artist has a sound that is melodic and gritty that is inspired by the pain/struggles he had endured in his lifetime.

“Growing up I was always in the streets, getting into trouble, and going to jail. All collectively motivated me to pursue a genuine part in life.” He recalled, “Growing up seeing my mom struggle and being poor really influenced me to do something with my music.”

The independent artist is looking to make an everlasting impact with his art. He hopes to reach to those who can relate to his story. Ultimately, Khiree has one goal in mind and that is to make hit records.

The up-and-coming artist believes that it is his style and grace that sets him apart from other musicians in the industry right now. We asked the independent artist who influences his melodic and gritty sound and he revealed, “Kanye, Nipsey, drake, future, Travis Scott, Russ, & young thug inspire me.”

When it comes to being motivated as an up-and-coming artist in the competitive hip-hop industry Khiree says his family, community, and fans keep him going. As of right now he says one of his major accomplishments would be getting his music out to the world.

With the new year around the corner Khiree has been keeping himself busy working on new music. Earlier this year he released an album titled, “Temporary Pain” and it looks like he’s going to be entering 2021 with a bunch of new music under his sleeve. The up-and-coming artist teased that he his currently working on a mixtape titled “Style and Grace” and has a mix tape on the way! The soon to be released mixtape titled “Flyree Irving” has visuals that have been released via social media.

Khiree means business and hopes that everyone keeps an eye out on his next mixtape and his new merch line that is on the way!

IG: @flykhi

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