[Interview] HULKSICKO! Shares Who His Motivation Is

New York born and raised artist HULKSICKO! is now living in Los Angeles to focus on his career. He has been making music since 2017 but is excited to see what opportunities the new year and his new city will bring him! Here’s a quick recap from our interview with him!

Q: Why did you leave New York?

A: I went on vacation to Los Angeles and just fell in love with it and the energy there. I felt like it was a better place for me to be and it would help me accomplish my career more.

Q: Who or what inspires your music?

A: My music is inspired by the city I'm from, and my journey to where I am now. I think the choices I made good and bad up to this point shaped the pain I've been through.

Q: What is a goal of yours you hope to achieve in your career?

A: I want to perform in China, it is something I’ve planned to do in the past but it was canceled due to COVID.

Q: What do you want people to get from your music?

A: I hope I can get a lot of people who came from the same situation to understand that it’s cool to be yourself and you don’t have to be like the next man. I feel like that forces a lot of people to make decisions that they wouldn’t normally make. I feel like I grew up with a lot of people who if they just had the right opportunity, they would probably have different lives right now. So I’m trying to make the most out of this.

Q: What or who is your biggest motivation?

A: My mother, who came to America from Liberia in hopes for a better life. She didn't have a mother for most of her life so it's important for me to give her the life she never thought she could have.

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