J Wade Makes Music His Fans Can Relate To, Listen To His Latest Single "Free Smoke" OUT NOW!

Independent artist J Wade is here to prove that you can come from nothing and still be successful. From a young age J Wade knew he wanted music to be apart of his life. Reminiscing on his childhood he recalls listening to lyrics that he could relate to which later inspired him to channel that energy through his own music. The hip hop artist known for his ability to keep things raw and authentic hopes to have that same connection with his fans.

Born in a small poverty-stricken town known as “Susan Park” in Kenner, Louisiana, J Wade and his family moved to Houston, Tx in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. Growing up he revealed his father was in and out of jail and at the age of 13 he began selling drugs. By the time he was 16 he admits he was already living on his own. It was around this time he was attending his junior year in high school and he took his first real shot at making music by releasing one of his first tracks.

He explained, “I didn’t start taking it seriously though until I dropped my first video plus a few songs and seen that people where actually feeling it and giving it good reviews, so we stepped it up a notch.”

However, in 2018 J Wade’s career had come to a halt after he was arrested for aggravated assault. After spending a year in jail, the independent artist is ready for a new chapter in his life.

He shared, “I’ve been put into certain situations that can’t be spoken on but it’s all to say that I made it through all these things, and you can hear the seriousness, the drive and passion in my music when you hear it and understand it.”

The independent artist whose music is inspired by his life wants his lyrics to reach those who are ready for change. His message to them would be to keep pushing even through the hard days because the better days are coming.

The up-and-coming artist says god, his mother, siblings, and grandmothers help motivate him to keep grinding day in and day out. His desire to protect and keep his loved ones out from poverty inspire him every day to make a change.

Earlier this year J Wade released his single “2020” and it looks like he isn’t leaving the year without dropping some new heat! His latest track “Free Smoke” was released last Saturday via social media. Before the year ends, J Wade wants everyone to know that this is just the beginning. Aside from putting out new singles, J Wade confirms he is working on a new mixtape. The mix tape will feature 6 to 7 tracks. As of now there is no set release date.

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