JAYE B Drops Hot New Project '4 U'

Indianapolis rapper JAYE B talks about his favorite producer, influences, what inspired him to pursue music, and future goals as an artist.

Meet JAYE B -- an upcoming artist from Indianapolis who has been releasing music since 2013 and got his start via SoundCloud. The talented artist is just getting started in his career, but is already bringing the heat to audiences with his unique sound. In a recent interview the singer/rapper talks about his influences and why he wants to pursue music, stating that he "desire[s] to be the greatest of all time." His latest project, 4 U, showcases his talents in a way that audiences haven't seen before, and he has plans to release even more music this year.

He told Remixd Magazine that his drive comes from wanting to prove himself as the best and also wanting to inspire the next generation of artists that anything and everything is possible as long as you "work hard enough and stay true to yourself."

"There are no limits; only the ones you set," he said during the interview.

JAYE B also stated the 'YE' letters in his name pays homage to his "favorite rapper and producer, Jay Z and Kanye aka "YE." JAYE B asserted they are two of his biggest influences, as well as MJ and Lil Wayne. The fifth is a three-way tie between Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole, which if you put them all together, you get, "JAYE."

JAYE B's latest project, 4 U, debuted last month and it's a promising effort from the rising talent. The project is mostly melodic and has various elements of R&B in throughout each track. According to JAYE B, the project is about "what the city felt like to [him] during the fall."

JAYE B says that his sound can be described as "mellow," but also "airy, aquatic, and digital/gritty." Ultimately, it's authentic/genuine music that audiences can vibe to anywhere.

Check out the project below.

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