JayUncut Is Diving Into The New Year With Plans To Become The Hottest Producer In The Industry.

Over the last decade, Atlanta producer JayUncut has worked endlessly to get to where he is at today. Born in Toronto, JayUncut and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was just 7 years old. His father who was a pastor landed a job in the new city which led them to make the big move. Growing up he recalls being surrounded by the melodies, harmonies, riffs and runs, chords and transitions of the church. Ultimately, his passion for music began at a young age as he was inspired by the church and his father.

“I was born into music. My dad. He was a musician and could play all instruments. “He explained, “I grew to love music from a toddler playing drums on my mamas furniture. Then they finally bought me a little drum set. I’d do school competitions and all. Then to playing in church, learning keys and to music directing bands. When I found out I could make money too? I went harder.”

Formerly known as JMuzik, The Atlanta producer decided to give his name a change to match his raw and unfiltered attitude. The name JayUncut was inspired from his twitter trolling days when he would often go viral from his jokes. With the amount of followers he gained during that time he used it to his advantage to find new artists to work with and the rest was history!

In 2007 JayUncut had his first break into the music industry when artist Regina Belle reached out to the producer offering an opportunity to work on her next album. The single “In This Place” featured on her album “Love Forever Shines” happened to be one of his first records as a producer. However, after hitting this milestone the Atlanta producer took a 5-year hiatus that left him with his pockets tied! As time passed, he decided to go back to his roots looking for artists who were also ready to level up.

“I met a super dope artist named Noell who just needed someone to take her music serious. I was hungry. She was too.” He explained, “We linked up and met so many people while traveling the world. Those connections turned into more connections and my network grew each year as well as my sound.”

Fast forward to now, JayUncut recently locked in a deal with Sony ATV Music Publishing. He is also working alongside breakout artist Rubi Rose as her main producer! Together they worked exclusively on four tracks off her debut mixtape “For The Streets” including his most popular track to date titled “He In His Feelings”. The two had previously met while he was working with another independent artist who asked for Rubi to be featured on their track.

“Rubi pulled up to my studio and she was super polite. She had just the one song out at the time, Big Mouth. I knew she was going to be major.” He explained, “She had such a distinctive voice. As time went by, I brought in different creatives to help enhance the infamous sound of Rubi. We created a bond and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.”

Aside from working with Rubi Rose, JayUncut has also worked with Young Ma, Lloyd, Dej Loaf and many more! This year the Atlanta producer is ready to being in the heat with a project of his own despite working with other mainstream and independent artists. He confirmed that he will be dropping a tape with several artists he’s discovered and worked with. As of now the Atlanta producer has yet to drop a release date, but you can stream his latest work with Rubi Rose available on all streaming sites!

Social Media:

IG: @jayuncut

Twitter: @jayuncut

YouTube Channel: YouTube/JayUncut

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