Jersey producer/artist Acemula is one to keep tabs on

Acemula is a hard hitting producer from the state of New Jersey who emphasizes the core values of growth, family, and knowledge. Those core values he got from his father, his biggest influence and a DJ who inspired him to procure house music for him which developed Mula’s acumen for producing. This prepared him for his current success with over eighty million plays off his music with no label, no machine, or no budget. All he had was motivation to give back to the hoods and trenches of Jersey in his own way. He’s recenlty dropped his 'Jack N Drill' project which he believes will help the growth of Jersey artists.

“‘Jack n Drill' is going to be an album that is going to be a start to a new sub genre in New Jersey ‘Jersey Club Drill.’ I put a project together with Jersey artists that have been putting on for the state and looking for a new sound to pursue.” - Acemula

He lives day by day entrusting the process which will work out for him. One thing to say is that he doesn’t lack any confidence. Coupled in his new single with fellow rising Jersey star OnlyJahmez titled “Voice Of The Suburbs” and you got the next super-producer! The work Ace is putting in right now is setting up for him to be comfortable long term in life and to be a long lasting staple in the music business.

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