K Goddess Gets Lusty in "Samantha's World"

The East Coast “Queen of Drill” known as K Goddess is a Brownsville, Brooklyn representative and a heavy lyrical contender in the female rap community. Her fame began in 2017 as a basketball superstar during her highschool career. Unafraid of practice, K Goddess used her college career to hone her writing abilities. Four years deep into her emcee profession and she has 234k followers on her instagram page alone that speaks on her influence. K Goddess made her musical debut with the mixtape Diary Of A Goddess. Her overseas presence began to bubble after remixing “Whippin Excursion” by UK rapper Giggs. With the stamp of his selective cosign, K Goddess solidified her initial international fanbase. She is also very active in her community by way of her non-profit organization. K Goddess wears many hats with the intention of making her executive mentality clear. Her intentions are not for fame but for powerful impact.

“Samantha’s World” was so steamy that instagram flagged a five second clip of the visual. This lusty piece by K Goddess is a song bragging about how she’ll quench the sexual thirst of anyone who dares step into her world. The scene is set in the kitchen filled with fruits, treats and frosting. K Goddess and her leading man take turns decorating each other as they tease each other’s bodies. “Samantha's World” is a spicy, tantalizing and inspiring visual for anyone looking to have “fun night in” with their partner. Make sure you have the red light on when you press play on K Goddess’s “Samantha’s World”.

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