Kali Claire's "Disrespekt" Single Is The Perfect Breakup Song

Kali Claire is a singer/songwriter from Hackney, North London and if you've never heard the name you should get acquainted. I found Kali's single "Disrespekt" while lurking on the Apple Music's R&B charts and after clicking play, I had to immediately rewind the track for a double take. I'm a sucker for a greatly mixed and mastered songs with beautiful melodies and this single embodies that. If you've been following my music journey you'd know that I create playlists on Apple Music for my audience and although the 41st R&Blunts playlist isn't out yet Kali's "Disrespekt made the cut. Kali's catchy chorus is what draws you into the two minute and forty-seven second track.

[Pre Chorus]

Disrespect, I can't forgive

'Cause it's running 'round my head and you did it in public

'Cause you give then want it back

I can't forget when you know what I had left

But it didn't stop you there


Too many days

Why did I feel so bad?

I know you hate me back

I prayed for days

And now I can't look back

I know you hate me back

But I won't feel that way again on purpose

Way again on purpose

You never deserved

You ne—, you never deserved this

You took paradise and made it all look picture perfect

Back when I was hurting

If you are someone going through a breakup I'm sure this song will hit differently, but even if you're just a lover of music and R&B this song is for you! Check out single "Disrespekt" and stream Kali Claire's latest album "A Mans World".

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